The UDAP Token

UDAP Foundation issues the UDAP token (also known as UPX token).
UPX tokens are used to make deposits required to become a UDAP service consumer.
Transaction fees, gas payments (i.e. smart contract execution fees) and persistent storage payments
are also usually collected in UPX tokens.

UPX tokens are implemented using the Ethereum ERC20 standard.
The address of token contract is 0x5f778ec4b31a506c1dfd8b06f131e9b451a61d39.
The Total Supply is 10,000,000,000.UPX tokens can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Token Distribution Event (TDE)
  • Purchase of UPX tokens from secondary markets, such as cryptocurrency or token exchanges
  • Airdrop (this method is intended as a means of popularizing the UDAP)

For any private token sales, please contact us at


Token Distribution


Use of Funds