Harvest Wallet

– an ERC721 and UDAP Singular Style Asset Wallet

  • caseManaging Asset Token

    Supports both ERC20 and ERC721 token standards, people can easily manage asset from third party apps, personal assets, debts etc. on blockchain or state channels

  • caseAn Application Store

    Harvest Wallet is an extensible plug-in architecture as well. It supports a large number of third-party apps that generate a wide range of assets.

  • caseAn Eco-System

    It provides a programmable UI for third-party applications to develop a complete user experience

    Simple asset transfers

    Obtain permission to transfer

    Redeem tickets


    Support multi-sig transactions.

  • Harvest Wallet MVP version is released on Android now and you can create and transfer memo, invoice and membership on blockchain. Please join our public testing event.


Harvest Wallet Join & Reward Testing


    The Join & Reward testing event can be accessed by doing the following activities.
    Once finished our activities, please fill out the form. When complete, you will be rewarded the relevant UPX based on the activities you participate in.


  • Activity 1:Supporting with Harvest Wallet Releasing

    How to participate:

  • Activity 2:Harvest Wallet Testing Reward

    How to participate:

    • 1. Download our Harvest Wallet, create a Harvest Wallet account and enjoy it!

      Create an Account

      Create a Harvest Wallet account like other digital wallet account.


      Claim Test Money

      Upper left button – setting – send me test money, then you can check the test money in ’accounts’.


      Create Asset Class

      Upper left button – Create Asset Class, you can create your own non-fungible asset, eg. memo, invoice and membership.


      Create Asset

      After creating asset class, you can see button ’mint’ in Harvest Wallet. Click ‘mint’, then create your own detailed asset under this asset class.

    • 2. Anyone who provides great user interface suggestions, design suggestions or identify bugs will be rewarded UPX tokens based on contribution impact.


    1. ·Best Proposal Awards - 3 people with 30000UPX per person
    2. ·Excellent Suggestion Awards - 30 people with 10000UPX per person
    3. ·Active Participation Awards - 500 people with 300UPX per person
  • The Testing is only on Ethereum Testnet, and you can claim your test money and don't worry about losing your real ETH.